Jessica Powers Image

I’m a a big dreamer and believe we can all be wildly successful, feel good, and break through our fears and limitations. It is my vision to ignite the higher self in you and your business so the world is made more remarkable by your contribution of ideas and beauty, and your offering abundantly fuels your earthly needs and desires.

I’ve worked on movie sets, music stages, consulted to business leaders, and worked on social justice issues. I’ve read poetry into booming microphones, recorded songs, cooked some amazing meals, and have created a beautiful home and life for myself.  It hasn’t always pretty.  At a particularly low point in my life, I would wake up crying before going to work, feeling like I was totally out of whack with who I really was, and playing it way too small.

I have always been on a quest for truth telling, unleashing, letting go.  When we are not fully ourselves, it hurts, and there is a ripple effect.

For the past ten years, my life has been full of healing for myself, others, and groups of people – so we can create feelings of ease, joy, and freedom.  I want to let our goodness, creativity, humor, and kindness ripple into the world!  I help people create life and business prosperity on their terms.  It makes me so happy to see people expand their vision for themselves and their businesses, and feel the wonder of creating their own success.  I let this joyful unleashing ripple out into my consulting work, where there is truth telling to help people find better ways to relate to others, do good in the world, and feel lit up by their creations and success.

My professional background is in organizational psychology.  I work with leaders in organizations to work more effectively together, with a special focus on leading organizations of the future – with power shifting from the institution to the individual within a transparent culture, where collaboration and leadership happens at all levels.  Through organizational assessments, consulting, leading with innovative people practices, and one on one coaching, I help organizations leverage the diverse brilliance of their people.

I have a Masters degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Oberlin College.  Additionally, I received 77 hours of coach training with a nationally accredited coaching institution.   I’m also a graduate of the Interdependence Project’s Meditation Teacher Training.