Creating Meaningful Vision for Your People Practices

Through organizational/team assessments, focus groups, observation, and discussion, we explore your organization’s vision for how people engage, connect, and learn, all in service to your company’s business goals.  This can be as simple as a half day strategy off-site to a lengthier exploratory process plus implementation.  We look at how feedback is communicated, how leadership is supported across all levels, customized career pathing opportunities, collaboration, conflict resolution, peer recognition, coaching, and other learning + development opportunities.

One on One Coaching for Millenials

Millenials say what’s on their mind, collaborate, know they can find an answer to any conundrum, want to do good in the world, recognize natural (and not necessarily designated) leadership, have ambition, want seamless work life-harmony, provide ample feedback, and desire ample feedback.  Maybe, just maybe, we’re jealous.  Millenials are strong in numbers and are becoming unique leaders of today and the future.  They want feedback, direction, and constant learning – and appreciate and respond to coaching.

One on one coaching engagements can cover career development, requesting feedback, providing feedback, delegation, conflict resolution, communication, influencing skills, decision making, collaboration, taking risks, and beyond – for individual contributors and for managers.

New Employee Integration Session 

How is your new employee or new leader doing in their first 90 days?  It’s so important for them to know, receive feedback, and course correct where necessary.  The New Employee Integration Session is a facilitated feedback session with a new employee (leader or individual contributor) and his or her team/network of influencers.  We ask candid questions about the new person’s style, decisions, vision, and communication, and provide candid and transparent feedback back to them.  This usually is done in a half-day session, and can include follow up coaching. During the session, the group gets to know each other at a deeper level, clarifies expectations, and develops an inventory of business issues and challenges facing the group. The group also talks about what the new person needs from the group and what the group needs from the new person in order to succeed. Topics such as communications styles, conflict styles, role clarity, team priorities, and performance expectations are discussed, and the team learns how to operate together effectively to drive business results and optimize team performance.

Group Facilitation

Groups amplify the power of the individual.  Healthy groups have different amazing ideas, healthy conflict, clear communication, role clarity, space for feedback and new ideas, flexibility, and a culture that supports the work.  Groups also have the ability to self-manage.  In group facilitation, we work through ideas, decisions, and group dynamics you need help with.  Group facilitation unleashes the creativity and talent within teams, energizing and motivating people to collaborate and to contribute to a group and cause that inspires them from within.  Through assessment, lively and provocative dialogue, facilitation, and follow up, I engage teams to voice their ideas, surface their blocks, and learn new skills that will enable them to commit to the health of the team.  This process is customized to meet the needs and and culture of your team.

Program and Curriculum Development

I design programs and trainings for a range of organizations – from startups to Fortune 100 companies, in tech, finance, digital marketing, entertainment, energy, real estate, international development, and beyond.

Topics include:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Onboarding
  • Coaching
  • Delivering Feedback
  • Requesting Feedback
  • Focus and Mindfulness
  • Risk Taking and Experimentation
  • Career Development
  • Delegation
  • New Manager Sessions
  • Decision Making
  • Managing Millenials
  • Leadership and Team Visioning
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Authentic and Clear Communication

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