Leadership Coaching

Jessica coaches leaders and leadership teams to grow their impact and effectiveness. The work focuses on the leader’s inner experience and behaviors in action.

Partnering with senior leaders and each coaching client, we create an individualized coaching plan.  The coaching plan can include assessments or stakeholder interviews.

Typically, we explore mindset, beliefs, and emotions.  This is the inner work – what happens below the surface.  We create space for reflection so leaders get clear about their values and beliefs, grow their self-awareness, and expand their options for how they can be more effective in the future.

We also develop leadership skills and behaviors – what others see and feel – in order to be more effective.

Coaching engagements typically last 3-6 months, and can be integrated with a learning program or as a stand-alone coaching program.  Sessions can be in person or over video chat, and typically last for an hour, with two sessions per month.

Clients describe Jessica’s coaching style as warm, connected, and dynamic. She creates a quiet space for her clients to grow their self-awareness, develop skills, and design new ways of leading that will create more impact and higher performance.

New Leader Coaching

A leader’s first 90 days on the job is critical.  New Leader Coaching supports leaders in transition to be effective and grow their connection with their team.

Before coaching, Jessica asks team members and stakeholders candid questions about the new leader’s style, decisions, vision, and communication, and then provides candid and transparent feedback.  This can be done in a one-on-one coaching conversation or in a half-day session with the leader’s team.

In the process, the team gets to know each other at a deeper level, clarifies expectations, and develops an inventory of business issues and challenges facing the group. The team also talks about what the new leader needs from the team and what the team needs from the new leader in order to succeed.

The new leader integrates feedback and sets goals to align to the needs of their team.

The team learns how to operate together effectively to drive business results and optimize team performance.