The work with my coaching clients focuses on both your inner and outer worlds.

The inner work is about creating the space for introspection – clearing time to tap into your inspiration, have creative ideas, strategize ways to work through your emotional triggers so you can get unstuck, define what wealth is to you, and create a mindset that supports your growth. We also clarify your personal brand, values, and strengths. The focus of the work is on exploration so you can clarify and shape your new career or business direction – it’s a reinvention.

The outer work is about creating the business model, structures, systems, support, resources, self-development, strategic thinking skills, experiences, and connections that you need to live your functional business model. We design the sequence for building this that is best for you.  A core philosophy throughout is letting the process be supportive, empowering, fun, and managing your stress.

It is NOT about optimizing your time or squeezing productivity out of yourself or giving yourself harsh deadlines. This is NOT about measuring your worth and business success according to someone else’s success. There’s no written plan. No supposed tos. No pressure. This is all centered on each person’s own unique version of wealth, success, fulfillment, and enjoyment.


Work with me to create

the success that YOU want

One on One coaching with me is about allowing all that your beating heart wants, all the juicy creative ideas within you that want to be born and prosper, all the impact and legacy you want to share with the world, while being in discovery and experimentation that feels joyous.

Working with me, you will:

  • Gain clarity on what matters to you
  • Launch or refine your business/career so it is totally you
  • Work with clients and colleagues you actually like
  • See yourself reflected in your career
  • Design your business or career to fit with your lifestyle
  • Own your power
  • Reach your aspirations with more fun and less stress

Are you ready?!?

  • Unleash your brilliance, your heart’s desires and creative ideas. Be the person you long to be creatively, with a free uninhibited voice, feeling naturally yourself. Go for it!
  • Be of service to people you genuinely like and connect with – let your awesome clients and customers bring you money, humor, time, and creativity while you make a meaningful impact on their lives, and see the powerful ripple affect of your work.
  • Define prosperity and success on your terms, your time, your $ amount – design it and live it, without internal or external limitations.
  • Come face to face with your internal limitations, and start taking risks and experiments challenge you and help you grow and grow and grow. Shift from anxiety to a sense of joyful eagerness!
  • Connect to your inspiration, whatever that may be –sunshine, oceans, music, writers, painters, comedians, countries, other visionaries. Weave inspiration and connection into your life and work.
  • Find opportunities through your community so getting work is fun and you know you can count on it.
  • Gather your muses and mentors, and actively learn from them and seek guidance from them.
  • Ask for help – it could be easier than it is now!
  • Create, improve, and sell amazing products and services.
  • Feel connected to yourself, your needs, your desires, your body, your emotions.
  • Experiment with being more wild.
  • Have time and support for self-reflection, big dreaming, big thinking, strategizing, making decisions, and honing your big idea.
  • Take daily actions that are lined up with your dreams.
  • Let go of thinking that prevents you from reaching your goals.
  • Feel alive and vibrant – with the energy to move through change.

Here’s how you can work with me:

6 month coaching

This is all about a deeper knowing of yourself, and aligning your life and business to that knowing.  Here, you will receive sustained support over time through what comes up in your heart and in the outside world.  You will receive continuous support and teachings in real time, for lasting and blossoming impact.  This is commitment.  This is work.  This is full of joy and revelation.  This is about being alive, and having a guide and witness through major leaps and breakthroughs.  In our time together, you will experiment, take bold actions, create, recreate, and expand as you live your desires and bump into discomfort that naturally comes up.  You will continue to expand and grow and reach your goals with my support.  

3 month coaching

This option is awesome for you want to focus on creating your vision OR if you already know your vision and want coaching on implementation of a goal.  We will focus on your needs.  

One-Day Intensive.

One on One coaching and life/work strategizing in a one day intensive, with a preparation call and a post-intensive follow up call, too.  We spend a really powerful day together doing a mixture of visioning work and life/work strategizing.  It’s expansive and powerful.  We might start with a walk by the ocean or looking at your favorite art to start cultivating a sense of WOW…of expansion.  We’ll discuss what you yearn for and what’s blocking you.  After a lunch, we start strategizing to turn your vision into an actionable and manageable time bound plan that’s just right for you. 

I offer consultations to those who are interested in working with me.  Sign up now to learn more about private one on one coaching !